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Infinitybet description:
We are an international company which has been specializing in betting, sports prediction, and sports arbitrage for 7 years. Most clients of betting companies sooner or later face such common problems as difficulties with the withdrawal of funds, account blocking, reduction of maximum betting limit, understated odds, unreasonable account zeroing, and so on. Our goal was to find a solution to these obstacles and give everyone the opportunity to earn money. We have created a community where everyone will be able to invest and receive a guaranteed income, as well as multiply it and rapidly move up the career ladder. You are presented with a unique chance to benefit from this inexhaustible industry, regardless of your knowledge in the field and your financial situation.

Payout Ratio: 343% in profit
Profit: $515.00 in 103 payouts
Investment: $150.00 in 1 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit Nov 26th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Nov 20th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Nov 9th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Nov 8th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Oct 30th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Oct 24th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Oct 21st, 2022 $5.00
Profit Oct 19th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Oct 18th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Oct 17th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Oct 16th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Oct 14th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Oct 11th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Sep 29th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Sep 27th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Sep 26th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Sep 15th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Sep 5th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Aug 31st, 2022 $5.00
Profit Aug 29th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Aug 26th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Aug 25th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Aug 24th, 2022 $5.00
Profit Aug 23rd, 2022 $5.00
Profit Aug 18th, 2022 $5.00